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Intro: Passing the Flipbook...

If you did maths prep in the corner of maths exercise books, then sadly this site isn't for you; otherwise though, you've come to the right place! The basic idea is this: you draw a picture, then you turn the page (or add a frame in our case), then you draw another picture, turn the page again, and add another and so on, until eventually when you have enough of them in a row you've got a short animation. Then you pass the maths book to the guy (or girl) next to you... and he (or she) keeps drawing... and its probably a picture of something completely different, because at age 10 your attention spans were n't great.

based on 'scratch' by 'topaz'

Several years down the line and they still aren't much better. Such is the game of pass the flipbook, or whatever you want to call it. The fun part is the passing bit, where you take over someone else's drawing - the collaboration. The purpose of this site is to allow you to take over a stranger's flipbook, and start drawing, and if you're lucky, when your back's turned, someone might just sneak up on your opus magnus and write a new ending.

When you see a flipbook you want to grab, just click the extend link to go to the lightbox.

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